Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your homestead doesn't need perimeter fencing

...but, ours sure does!

We have pasture fencing for our horses, and sheds and runs for our chickens and dogs, but we don't have perimeter fencing for the property. Why? Well, the high cost of fencing 10 hilly, semi-forested acres keeps this to-do way down on the list.

But, today the horses decided to go on a run-about down the road and onto the neighbor's property. Typically, when my husband lets them out of the pasture to graze on a nearby hillside, they stick around. But, something got them going today.

Off they went, chasing each other around the woodshed, leaping over the log splitter and then heading on down the road. Fortunately, our horses don't like unfamiliar territory, so they stopped when the realized they were trampling on new ground.

Now you would think that I knew this was going on. But I didn't. I was sitting at the computer communicating through email about Thanksgiving dinner with one our 10 guests. I didn't hear or see a thing. (I guess our windows insulate for sound better than I realized.)

What happened? My hubby brought the horses out to do a little ground work with them then let them  graze on the upper hill. But there wasn't enough grass to keep them occupied so off they went looking for it. Well, for some reason, this took my husband by surprise. Usually, the equine follow him around like puppies; never before have they decided to go on a run-about. But, I guess there's a first time for everything.

The next thing I know, my son is telling me that the horses are out and dad needs my help. Out? I think to myself. Out where? I glanced through the dining room window and through the trees spied my Bay Arab gelding prancing around the trees at the neighbor's gate.

Oh no. Out I went.

We have wonderful, helpful neighbors. Two folks stood in the road to block that route, while another grabbed a bucket of grain to draw them in. I blocked her road while my husband quieted the two jail-breaks and grabbed their leads.

Back to the homestead we went. Safe and sound.

I think adding a perimeter fence just bumped up a few notches on our list of to-dos.

Do you have horses? Do you have a perimeter fence? Have your horses made a getaway before? What did you do to get them back?

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