Friday, February 21, 2014

8 Great Uses for Olive Oil. (We needed #8 today!)

On the homestead, we love anything--and anybody, that works overtime. Like olive oil. So we keep it around in great big quantities for when we need it for more than dressing our salads.

Here's a quick list of 8 ways to get more mileage from your EVO:

  1. Eat it!
    It's contains beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, so add it to your salads every chance you get.
  2. Stop a squeaky hinge.
    Grab the olive oil instead of the the WD-40 next time you have a squeaky hinge.,1284086431,48/stock-photo-old-rusty-hinge-on-wooden-door-60698272.jpg
  3. Polish your wood furniture.
    Olive oil helps remove dust from furniture and gives it a shine. Add a teaspoon to a quarter-cup of lemon juice, to make a non-toxic, petroleum-free polish that gently cleans wood surfaces.
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  4. Clean and polish your barn boots.
    Add a little bit of oil to a lint-free clothe, then buff your boots.

  5. Remove paint from your hands...and your hair
    Scrub your paint-splattered hands with olive to clean and soften your skin. Add a little coarse Kosher salt for an extra scrub. To remove paint from your hair, apply the oil liberally then let it set for 10 minutes.

  6. Polish brass

  7. De-tangle your horse's mane...or your own
    Olive oil is what I use to get the twisted knots out of  this gelding's really long mane. (Keeping it lightly oiled when it's wet seems to help prevent tangles.)
  8. Remove tree sap
    When the Mr. Firewood Stacker came in today after loading one and half cords of wood, I handed him the olive oil to clean his hands...and the bottom on his shoes.
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What other ways do you use olive oil around your place?

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