Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Plant Garlic After Your First Frost

[10/31] OK. 15 garlic cloves are now tucked in to their beds. My husband is bringing up a bale of straw later to put over beds. The garlic will need protection from cold and frost from now until late spring.

[10/30] Oops.I almost forgot: it's bath time.

[10/30] Instead of tucking garlic cloves into a nice warm bed, I'm going to give them a bath first. Soaking the garlic (I'm planting Early White) before planting it will ensure a better harvest in the summer.

Now is the perfect time to plant garlic, shallot, onions. I'm heading out to the garden right now to plant A.LOT.OF.GARLIC.

Be right back with photos ;)

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