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A Personal Review :: Twisted X Women's All-Round Boot

My pair of Twisted X All-Round boots
after about 8 months of daily wear.

The Horse Saddle Shop invited Stable Road Homestead to review the Twisted X Women's All-Round Boots I purchased recently. Actually, I have had them long enough to know how they hold up in rain, snow, ice, and hot dusty conditions, so I'm ready to give you the complete picture.

Even when the summer temperatures tip over the top of the 100-degree mark, you will find me wearing denim jeans and leather boots around the property. Why? Comfort and protection.

During the summertime, I wear boots to protect my feet--and legs, from the hard, rocky, dusty ground; from Fox Tails and burrs; from snakes and spiders; from horse hooves. Boots keep hay and manure out of my socks, and keep my feet dry from when watering the animals and garden beds.

In the winter, I really want a boot to keep my feet warm and dry. So when I'm shopping for a new pair, I look for something with a quality leather upper that breathes, can be cleaned, restored, and water-proofed.

You might guess that when I set out to buy a new boot, I search for one that's going to stand up to all I'm going to put it through--and last.

What I like about Twisted X Women's All Around Boot


This pair of boot fit my feet well. But, I do not have hard-to-fit feet. The Twisted X is comfortable. I have no problem being on my feet all day when wearing these boots. They are roomy enough to accommodate good, thick boot socks. (A must for me!)

There is zero break-in time with these boots.The leather is supple and pliable. Overall, the boot is light weight. The tread is all it's meant to be: long-wearing, good traction. You can see in the photo below that it is wearing well.

My heels don't slip and my toe aren't crowded in the k-toe toe box.


Like I said, I wear these boots nearly everyday around the property, around town, and sometimes I even wear them to church. The tread provides reliable traction when I walk up and down our dirt road to the horses' stalls in the rain, snow and ice. The crepe soles of my old boots didn't keep me from sliding. These do!

50K genuine Super Slab rubber sole.
I like the traction & shock absorption these treads provide.

The Twisted X All-Round boots has a "stirrup heel" so they can be worn in the saddle. But, I haven't trail-tested them. However, I can tell you they are great to wear when I'm working with horses on the ground, in the round pen.

The shaft of the boot comes with well-made, well-placed fingers holes that make it very easy to pull on the boots...if my hands are free. One thing I like about wearing boots is that I can step into them and out of them without using my hands!

These boots are easy to clean. I really can "just hose them off".
These fingerholds are superior to a typical boot strap.


Cost is ALWAYS a big factor. The Twisted X All-Round boot is priced very well and my research determined that The Horse Saddle Shop had (and has at the time of this posting) the best price. Shopping through ebates.com afforded me a $25 discount. Check to see what deals are being offered now before you make your purchase:  ebates.com.

True to advertisement: 

Yes, the product is as advertised. It's everything I expected it to be.

There's Little Not to Like

The boots seem to run a bit on the big size. If I'm blessed to be able to buy another pair in the future, I will buy one-half size smaller. Also, I do have a high arch. With these boots, I need to use an insert for arch support. But, there is room in these boots to accommodate an insert.

Twisted X Specifications Per Horse Saddle Shop:
  • Footbed: Cowboy Comfort SD footbed: machine washable, antibacterial, and moisture wicking
  • Insole: XSD: flexible one piece with integrated composite sandwich shank
  • Midsole: PVC
  • Outsole: 50K genuine Super Slab rubber
  • Toe: K Toe
  • Heel: Molded long base heel

Twisted X Women's 9" All Around K Toe Boot Distressed Saddle wab0001

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