Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Codling Moth Traps Worked!

Our homemade Codling Moth traps worked like a charm! This season we harvested of beautiful crop of pest-free, blemish- free apples. No pesticides of any kind were used. And no extra money was spent due to being able to use materials we had on-hand already. Look at these apples! Aren't they gorgeous!

In case you missed what we did, here's a quick recap:

If you're growing apples or other fruit or nuts which Codling Moths like to infest, try using these traps next season. Be sure to set them out right at bud-break in the spring.

Question for you:

Why is the apple harvest early this year?  Our Granny Smith apples are ripe now and ready for picking.  Usually we harvest "Granny" in September/October. If you have the answer, please post a comment to share what you know.

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