Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wanted: One Guilty Labrador

The season's first round of strawberries is coming in already! The plants are laden with unripe berries just waiting for their time. It's going to be a wonderfully good season for strawberries.

It's a good thing I thought to take this photo as I did, because it's all I get of these berries. Right after I snapped the picture, I picked them, set them in the garden strainer to rinse, them detoured down to the horse stables to fill the water troughs. I left the berries on the bench between the garden and the pasture. When I returned, the berries were gone; vanished without a trace!

Here's the culprit who made off with the berries I was so looking forward to tasting. My fruit-loving Labbie, Yeller. Look how happy he is to pose for his mug shot! Has he no shame? Really!

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