Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good Old Boots

Good Old Boots
There's no doubt
You're always with me 
When I'm out.
You've seen me through
Miles of red rocky dirt
And soft morning dew.
You stride out to the barn
Morning and night
Greeting horses and chicks
As deer leap at your sight,
You're there, strong-n-steady
When tending the fruit trees.
You're there 
checking on 
the strawberries. 
Ol' Boots, 
You bring the Labs much joy
When they grab you from your rack
to toss you like a toy.
You're stalwart and brave
as they drag you down the drive.
It's a wonder how you ever survived!
Ol' Boots,
Look at you now
With nary a tread.
I dare say
You're most nearly dead.
Ol' Boots,
It seems your time has come.
My next venture out
Will be while you're at home.
Dear Old Boots,
Don't dismay.
Every good boot has its day.
I'll keep you here,
Where you can stay
To watch out over me
for the rest of my days.

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