Friday, November 22, 2013

The Wrangler: gathering up the week's events

  • My youngest son is healed from having all four wisdom teeth extracted. His surgery was quick and uncomplicated, so he was back to normal fairly quickly.
  • My oldest son brought home a cold virus for all of us to share :( Most of us are feeling better. 
  • I've been testing paint colors on a few of my interior walls. I haven't found one I like yet, though I haven't dedicated myself to the effort. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it occurred to me that it would be nice if the wall in the kitchen was one color. I went into the basement to see if I could mix together a color I can live with temporarily using paint on-hand. Voila! I came up with a nice green that now covers the wall behind my cooktop!
  • My meteorologist neighbor said to tie down everything and get out the oil lamps because a big wind was on its way. Gusts up to 70 MPH were expected. We prepared for a big wind...that didn't come...but the power went out...during the middle of the wash cycle.
  • I spent all day Thursday shopping for Thanksgiving. There will be 18 friends, family and neighbors coming here for dinner Thanksgiving afternoon.  We're looking forward to a great day of fellowship.
  • The wood cabinets throughout the house are cleaned and oiled. I used Old English oil that has a touch stain already added to it. The cabinets look almost new.

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